Mechanical Solutions

Mechanical Services

Here at IGS, apart from the usual mechanical services. We do our in-house modification and fabrication that gives us the quality desired. Working closely with our partners to deliver the best solution for your engineering needs. 

Fabrication & Modification
Overhaul & testing
Laser Alignment
  • Rotating shaft laser alignment
  • Thermal imaging/ultrasound
  • Pneumatic & hydraulic system servicing
  • Fabrication, retrofits & modification work
  • Drop-in replacement solution
  • Overhaul & testing solution
  • Maintenance on rotating machine
  • Mechanical dismantling & installation work
  • Troubleshooting on mechanical & electrical work
  • Condition Monitoring on treading & analysis

Mechanical Dismantling & Installation Work

With vast experience and exposure to all these industrial machinery, coupled with our immaculate workmanship, you can rest assured that the installation or dismantling process will be smooth and hassle-free.

Troubleshooting on Mechanical & Electrical Work

Our engineers are trained through experience and have the ability to solve or resolve mechanical or electrical issues like clockwork, in the most effective and efficient manner.

Overhaul & Drop-in Replacement Solution

Due to frequent preventive maintenance and monitoring of the individual systems and mechanical limitations of a gearbox or even its bearings, our team of engineers are able to quickly replace and identify the fault.

Condition Monitoring on Treading & Analysis

Vibration levels, current draw, component temperatures of gearbox internals and bearings, thermal statistics, compressed air usage, flows, pressures, and so on. These are the indicators used to compare with historical trends and industry benchmarks to determine any impending problems and to give us adequate time to react.

Fabrication, Retrofits & Modification Work

Fabrication of all kind of requirements and components with shorter lead time, target obsolete factory components such as solid or hollow shaft, helical, worm gear, pinion shaft or spur gear sets. Skip the shipping & ordering process by engaging our professional service.

Rotating Shaft Laser Alignment

Shaft alignment, commonly referred to as coupling alignment, is a process to make two or more rotating shafts co-linear, or in the same straight line, both vertically and horizontally. Shaft alignment is done thru several methods and tools, such as callipers, straightedges, dial indicators, optics, or laser systems. Of these, laser shaft alignment is the fastest and most accurate.

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