Industrial Products & Gearbox

Our list of products

Seralized Platform

MHB Series reducer

3 stage helical gearbox

Equipped with a modular design that is flexible yet fast with a higher power density. High cost to performance ratio.

Material Processing & Metallurgy

MPG Series 400px

Planetary GearBox

MLX Series reducer 400px

Vertical Gearbox

Mining & power

Lifiting Reducer 400px

Lifting Reducer

Coal Conveyor 400px

Coal Conveyor

For Harbour & Crane

Gearbox Family 400px

Gearbox Family

Driving Axle, Reversing, Anti-sway & Levelling

Other Application


Spiral Bevel Gearbox

Chemical Puddle 400px

For Chemical Puddle


Helical GearBox


Worm Gear Reducer

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